Noyes Jewelry

Hello, I’m Steve Noyes, and if you’d like to know more about the heart and mind behind the jewelry, welcome.

It all began in Boston in the late 'sixties, when, as a recent college graduate, I was constructing small sculptures made of copper and glass. An acquaintance pointed out that these designs, if made with precious materials, would translate well into jewelry. So I traded my copper and glass for gemstones, silver and gold, and set out on a forty-year odyssey along the Artisan Trail. My first stop was the western slope of the Colorado Rockies, where I forged a peaceful country lifestyle, arranging my schedule to include work, hiking and skiing, and detours for exploring the Americas.

I spent several years in those mountains, a self-taught apprentice in my craft. My workshop was tiny, with a splendid view of the Continental Divide, and my sales outlet was a cooperative crafts gallery that I established in Boulder with some talented friends. However, when an offer came to host my shop at Loon Mountain Ski Resort in New Hampshire, I traded one mountain range for another. From there, in 1972, I moved to Vermont's Green Mountains, where I have lived ever since.

In 1978, I joined a group of fellow artisans to start another cooperative craft gallery in a tiny storefront in the state capital, Montpelier. Now the store has moved to roomier quarters at the busy intersection of State and Main; and the Artisans Hand is considered by many to be the best venue in Vermont, both for the quality of its crafts, and its respect for participating artisans. Last year the state governor personally honored the Artisans Hand by designating the gallery as a Vermont State Craft Center.

Although firmly ensconced in Vermont, I still travel when I get the chance; and on my trips I seek out materials to incorporate into my work when I return home —emeralds from Colombia, opals from Mexico, and coral from Taiwan. Every place I visit offers unique treasures and inspirations. These find their way into my creations and are passed along through my jewelry to you. I design and produce each piece using either 14K gold or sterling silver, and a variety of individually selected gemstones. They are unique, classic, understated designs, with a timeless quality that never loses its appeal or slips from style. Many wearers say that they can have on the same piece with jeans or with evening clothes, and still feel assured of looking their personal best. Meticulous craftsmanship means that each piece is heirloom quality; it can be enjoyed now and then passed along to be admired by generations to follow.

If you would like to select a piece of Noyes jewelry in person, you can view, and try on, a complete line of my work at the Artisans Hand Craft Gallery in Montpelier. Smaller collections are sold in Saint Johnsbury, Vermont at the Northeast Kingdom Artisan Guild and in Burlington, Vermont, at Frog Hollow on Church Street. Or, you just might catch me at a craft fair. However, if, as you peruse this site, a particular piece catches your eye, don't hesitate to call or e-mail me so we can arrange for your selection to be mailed to you.